Access Management

• Seamless entry to parking
• Seamless office access without access cards
• Unified access management for offices across locations globally
• Seamless attendance management

Flexible workspace management

• Meeting room booking
• Hot desk booking
• Capacity Management
• Desk Occupancy
• Meeting Room Occupancy

Visitor management

• Share access with a visitor
• Enabling visitor verification ahead of time on the app
• Optional Face ID matching on arrival
• Automatic notification to hosts when the visitor reaches office

Workplace parameters

• All workplace environment parameters like Temperature, Relative Humidity, CO2, VOC and PM 2.5 levels are being tracked to show the Air Quality Index (AQI) for a particular facility on a real-time basis
• Alerts are sent to facility managers based on parameter values chosen by the organisation

Smart Washrooms

• The solution comprises of
- Footfall Sensor
- Smart Dustbin
- Smart Hand Wash Dispenser
- Smart M-fold Dispenser
- Feedback Tablet
• Helps to track refills of consumables & optimize on cleaning schedule
• Optimize on FMS staff while improving overall effectiveness

Energy monitoring

• Solution comprises different elements like Energy monitoring sensors, Temperature and Humidity sensor, Occupancy detectors, People counters and HVAC interface unit that can be used to monitor and optimise energy usage for a particular area/floor/building.
• Energy optimization by eliminating energy inefficiency & dynamic HVAC controls

Digital cafeteria

• Employees can pre-order their meals at the company cafeteria Each counter can upload its menu and all will be visible to employees in the app.
• Usage of different counters / popular items can be easily understood and feedback can also be collected from the users